The Dive Sites of Amed are located around the Jemeluk Bay on Bali’s north east coast. It is an 45 minute car drive away from Candidasa. After assembling your gear on the shore, traditional outriggers (Jukung) will sail you to the dive locations within a couple of minutes.

Eel Garden – Artificial Reef / Drop-Off
The dive starts on a shallow sand plateau were hundreds of garden eel are sticking their heads out of the ground. Dive parallel to the shore heading east, you come along a coral slope which levels at around 18 meters into the sandy sea floor. Interesting pyramid shaped artificial reef structures line the path of your dive till you reach a spectacular Drop-Off. The vertical, thoroughly covered color full coral wall flattens out 200 meters marking the end of this dive.

Coral Garden – Drop Off´s
The eastern side of the bay features a beautiful shallow coral garden, very popular for snorkeling. About 30m away from the shore you will find several underwater cliffs, with vertical walls towering from the depths of the ocean all the way to the edge of the coral garden.

Jemeluk’s Dive Sites are very color full with an abundant marine life, very good visibility, and usually calm conditions, very good spot for macro photography (pygmy seahorse, ghost pipe fish etc). Suitable for all experience levels.

• Steep faces with beautiful vegetation of hard and soft corals
• Large number of tropical fish : trigger fish, parrot fish (including the buffalo head parrot fish), moray eels, reef sharks, turtles
• Current : none – mild
• Visibility : 25 meters +


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