Manta Point

The actual Dive Site lies well protected from currents by a rocky cape. Often you will already be able to see the giant Manta Rays from the surface. Huge rock formations create a bizarre under water landscape that slopes gently down to unfathomable depths.

During the dive you just hang out around the giant rocks which are home to an army of cleaner fishes. The Manta Rays cruise around the rocks, some just hovering above the cleaner stations and enjoying the treatment they receive. Without doubt this is the reason why this gentle giants come here.

Even snorkelers get a good view of the Manta Rays since most of the action here happens in fairly shallow water. And those who don’t dare to go in the water can witness the spectacle from the boat.

  • Lush vegetation of leather corals and sponges
  • Nurses harks, millions of cleaner fish, nudibranchs, stingrays and … of course the majestic Manta, Manta, Manta Rays
  • Current : none – mild. Waves
  • Visibility : 10 – 20 meters


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