Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is well known for its crystal clear water and an amazing visibility. Due to the strong tidal current flowing through the Badung Strait, dives on the north coast of the island most likely will be accomplished as drift dives.

The boat will drop you off about 30 meters away from the shore at the point where the 45 degree coral slope just starts in 10 meters of water. Find your target depth on the slope and just let the current take you on a ride. Drift past amazing and perfect intact coral reefs, huge barrel sponges, whip coral and an abundance of colorful reef fish. Towards the end of the dive make your way up to the shallow reef top for your safety stop.

The current gets less intense closer to the shore. Even if the current is strong these sites can be dived by the experienced diver almost at any time, the reefs are kilometers long and the current runs parallel to the shore.

  • Excellent growth with hard and soft corals and sponges.
  • Greatest number and variety of tropical fish around Bali, frequent encounters. with pelagics like Tuna, Manta Ray, Mola Mola and sharks (white tip reef sharks).
  • Current : mild up to strong, Drift dives.
  • Visibility : 25 up to 50 meters, best visibility in Bali even during the raining season march until November.
  • The Dive Sites Nusa Penida North are suitable for the intermediate to experienced diver.


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