Gili Mimpang (Shark point, Shark junction)
The three tiny cliff islands half way between Candi Dasa and Tepekong are reached in just 25 minutes by boat from Padang Bai.

The dive starts on the Bali facing side of the middle cliff harbouring the only tree for miles around. Over a rubble slope (12m) diving southwest towards the most western cliff island until you find a 45 degree angled coral slope and you have reached shark junction, a very good spot to see sharks patrolling the reef, swimming at the same level as you and if lucky even above you. In this area you will have a high chance to see Mola Mola in the dry season because we notice that on this point the Molas like to come to get their skin cleaned by a whole armada of banner fish. From there you follow along the slope until the angle of the reef turns vertical. On this corner follow along the steep wall into an easterly direction all the way until you reach the shallow slope behind the cliffs, where massive schools of fish like to hang out.

You enter the water on the western flank of the island, follow the vertical wall south until you find a narrow rocky rim (some people call it canyon) at around 27m heading west. Follow this rim and it will lead you to the two underwater pinnacles. If the current is stronger, drop behind this rim (30m) to find shelter during the approach to the pinnacles. However, if the current is to strong pushing direction south things can turn hairy and you might end up in the ‘toilet’ located approximately another 50 meters south of the rim, where the down currents can cause the dive to be aborted … who likes to get flushed?

Due to possible strong currents at full/dark moon and greater depth this Dive Site is only for experienced diver.
• Excellent growth with hard and soft corals and sponges
• Very large variety of tropical fish, sharks, big rays and occasionally from May to November is a good chance to see Mola Mola
• Current : Mild to very strong! Full and new moon very strong.
• Visibility : 25 meters +


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