This rocky island is located in Amuk Bay about 1,5 Kilometer southeast of Candi Dasa. After a 20 minutes boat trip from Candidasa, you will be ready for another unforgettable dive experience.

Tepekong West (The Canyon and infamous ‘toilet’)
You enter the water on the western flank of the island, follow the vertical wall south until you find a narrow rocky rim (some people call it canyon) at around 27m heading west. Follow this rim and it will lead you to the two underwater pinnacles. If the current is stronger, drop behind this rim (30m) to find shelter during the approach to the pinnacles. However, if the current is to strong pushing direction south things can turn hairy and you might end up in the ‘toilet’ located approximately another 50 meters south of the rim, where the down currents can cause the dive to be aborted … who likes to get flushed?

Due to possible strong currents at full/dark moon and greater depth, this Dive Site is only for experienced diver.
• Excellent growth with hard and soft corals
• White tip reef sharks, turtles, rays, schools of barracuda and tuna, in the season from July to October chance of stunning ocean sunfish – Mola Mola.
• Current : Mild to very strong. Full and new moon very strong.
• Visibility : 25 meters +


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