Padang Bai

The Blue Lagoon which is in front of Padang Bai, is our house reef. There are 6 different sites, just a few minutes boat ride away from our Dive Centre and shop. Between the dives you will return to the Dive Centre and spend the surface break having coffee, tea, or just relaxing.

The Dive Sites of the Blue Lagoon are very diverse and hold new surprises for you (and us) every day. From beginner to professional divers, the Blue Lagoon offers great opportunities for all experience levels. Underwater photographers love the huge variety of species in the Blue Lagoon.

Besides moray eels, leaf scorpion fish, frog fish and plenty of nudibranchs you will find heaps of soft and hard corals. Frequently reef sharks and turtles hang out in this area. The Blue Lagoon is also our preferred night diving site. If you decide to complement your diving day with a night dive, it is almost guaranteed to encounter a Spanish Dancer and a lot of the other nocturnal critters. With some luck you might even catch a glimpse of the rare coral cat shark.

• Shallow coastal reef (max 25m), slope, short wall
• Good variety of hard and soft corals, lots of feather stars, huge elephant corals and table corals
• Good number of oriental sweet lips, moray eels, turtles, lion fish, stone fish, octopus, cuttlefish, leaf scorpion fish and sharks (white or black tip, sometime nurse sharks)
• Current : mild to moderate, good conditions for beginners
• Visibility : 25m+


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